Thursday netpd Jams @ 9pm (GMT)

9pm Greenwich Mean Time
2pm Pacific Standard time

See ya’ll there!

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Here are the recordings I have from the jam. Radium, which is what I was using/testing by recording, had a problem on the second file and just recorded nothing halfway through the second file. It may be user error on my part, or it could have been a bug. I think I have about 30 minutes recorded!

Here is the link, uploaded to google drive (sorry for it being google! I have unlimited storage from my university!) Link

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@brandflake11: Thanks for sharing the recordings. I noticed you recorded with an external software. There is also a built-in recorder in mx. There are two advantages in using the internal recorder:

  • Audio drop-outs caused by loading stuff will not part of the recording as the recording is done in the same process
  • You do not record chat sounds (login chime, message click)
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Thanks for the suggestions rdz. I was able to record the jam this time from within netpd. Here is a link to the jam recording.

I accidentally closed netpd halfway through, so there is a small gap between the two files.

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