Thursday netpd Jams @ 9pm (GMT)

9pm Greenwich Mean Time
2pm Pacific Standard time

See ya’ll there!

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Here are the recordings I have from the jam. Radium, which is what I was using/testing by recording, had a problem on the second file and just recorded nothing halfway through the second file. It may be user error on my part, or it could have been a bug. I think I have about 30 minutes recorded!

Here is the link, uploaded to google drive (sorry for it being google! I have unlimited storage from my university!) Link

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@brandflake11: Thanks for sharing the recordings. I noticed you recorded with an external software. There is also a built-in recorder in mx. There are two advantages in using the internal recorder:

  • Audio drop-outs caused by loading stuff will not part of the recording as the recording is done in the same process
  • You do not record chat sounds (login chime, message click)
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Thanks for the suggestions rdz. I was able to record the jam this time from within netpd. Here is a link to the jam recording.

I accidentally closed netpd halfway through, so there is a small gap between the two files.

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Another Thursday, another netpd jam. Here is the link to today’s.

Thanks for recording!

You are very welcome. Here are the next recordings.

There are three sections, as pd crashed on me once, and I accidentally stopped one of the recordings.

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Thanks a lot for making these recordings and sharing them. I get a few blank bits in them but it might be just my computer struggling with big files.

I was wondering if we should set up a shared netpd soundcloud thing to put them all on. What do people think? And maybe add all these golden oldies:;O=D - it’s all good stuff!

@brandflake11, thanks for sharing the recordings. Again, I fell asleep just a few minutes before the jam. :roll_eyes: I’m so sorry I missed it. It is exciting that this groups joins every week, though. I’ll make it next time.

I don’t know about putting the tracks on soundcloud. Soundcloud is pretty limiting for free users, so I don’t know how many you could put on them. It may be a good way to show off netpd though.

Here is today’s jam.

@ brandflake11 thanks for sharing the jams.

Sure thing @depa! I’m glad I can record these within netpd.

It’s weird that your recording was different from what I was hearing. The vocal part which I was playing with in qseq.was ‘on’ for me at the last section but I didn’t hear it in this file. Maybe I tuned into a parallel universe, happens…

@depa Maybe if pd loses internet it unsyncs itself. I have had to, occasionally, turn off an back on the online button, as I would click to open, say an aux effect, and it would not open. Then, I realized that I wasn’t getting any audio changes.

Here is the next recording from today. It is in two parts, as pd crashed after a little while. There may also be some silence, sorry about that. I started recording early.

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it would be extra cool if you uploaded a mp3 version too. i dont have much internet traffic left :frowning:

Done, I’ll upload .ogg files too from now on.

here is today’s Thurdsayjam edited and mastered.

Hey sorry things have been crazy, I did not intend to ghost! - anyone gonna make it to the jam this week? I should be able to attend!

Sorry, I should have replied sooner - I’m still logging on most weeks and there’s usually one or two others. Mondays around 21.30 GMT I’m often there too. Hope to see you there soon.