Rdz+Beem Jam Featuring Formant Synth

Beem created a new instrument featured here sounding like a human voice (reminded me of Shpongle). I took the short WAV file and repeated it with a short reverse section gluing the two parts in the middle. Also created a reverse reverb intro.

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i want to hear it but i’m just getting the reverse reverb intro!

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Ditto: file is apparently corrupt and the track goes silent around 0:21 :frowning:

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but it started playing something at 1:28 or so (untill I tried to reposition, as I was testing the corruption).

From what I heard it sounded cool!

Not a corrupt upload, it was my mistake when I rendered. Have re-uploaded and actually tested this time. Sorry for the time wasting.

Thanks! that’s great!

@beem, I already asked you whether it is OK to include your new instrument in the netpd-instruments distribution and you agreed. Now, before I can do so, I’d like to discuss a few things:

  • There is small bug caused by using a global send name (see [s vowel]). Usually, no global names should be used in netpd instruments to make sure that many instances of the same instrument do not interfere with each other.
  • Please give your instrument a proper version number when you think it is ready. Also, make sure to bump the version number whenever you make changes to it. When loading an instrument with unpatch, it comapares local version number with remote version number and re-downloads it when a higher version is available. There are three version fields and they are expexted to be positive integer numbers. How you use those three fields is up to you.
  • Please give credit also to yourself. You already gave credit to the person who wrote the initial patch you ported.

Then there is the question of giving a license to an instrument. I was always unsure how to go about this and thus never gave my instruments proper licensing. The problem is that some of the instruments were ports of an early version of netpd that were initially written by someone else without specifying a license. Now, I think I should at least add a license to each instrument I wrote myself and add a comment to the others. Each author should define a license for their instruments. Maybe, the license can be added to the netpd meta tags so that it can be parsed easily. I am happy to hear the opinions of others on the matter.

I’m sorting out all those things, and a couple of glitches that I noticed (the range I’d given the vowel slider meant we were missing out on one, the attack range went down to zero giving a nasty click…) - has anyone who tried it seen anything else that needs fixing or could be improved?

As for the license question, I don’t really know what I should do - I’ll add my thoughts to the other thread you’ve started.

@rdz has kindly added the voc instrument / formant synth used here to the netpd instrument collection. There’s a little guide to the not very complicated controls here: https://www.netpd.org/Voc

Voc was my first netpd instrument - I made it by cobbling together bits from lilacid and the vowel synth patch in megrimm’s ‘fresh’ collection (https://github.com/megrimm/pd-fresh) which uses Tim Vet’s vowel filters idea (www.timvets.net).

With a bit more work, next step could be a full speech synth, Charles Dodge style! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2-12L2UNmI

With a bit more work, next step could be a full speech synth, Charles Dodge style!

I’m sure any resemblance will be purely coincidental.

Voiced alveolar lateral approximant, Close-mid back rounded vowel, Voiced alveolar lateral approximant!