<<Post your netpd tracks here>>

post links to your netpd tracks.

Ok, here we go with a recent one I did alone: https://netpd.org/~roman/tmp/2020-05-23_dad-joke.wav

It’s the raw recordig in 24bit-wav-format. Unmastered.


What about the other track you made on that day? I thought it was also good.


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I just uploaded an album composed of netpd tracks from past few years. Please check here:



using default sounds

Leon from hungary and I had fun this morning exploring the vowel formant synth

I’d like to hear it, but the link doesn’t work! I think in Dropbox you need to find ‘share this folder’ and then choose ‘create link’ if you want other people to be able to download the file.

I hope this works

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Thank you for your input, I am not a frequent user of Dropbox.

yeah, that works! very nice sounds!

Last week’s track I made with Reduzent (my first jam in eight months).

And this week’s track with Beem (my first ever with him). I edited it a merely to cut some repetition in the middle (with some sparkly glue).

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