Other software/apps etc

If you like netpd chances are you probably like some other obscure and interesting software that I’d like to hear about! This thread could also be for discussing software, synths, plug-ins, that might suggest new elements and instruments for netpd.

I’ll start off with a few slightly retro ones:

‘M’ Composer’s Assistant - (around since the 80s, currently sold at an extortionate price by Cycling 74) super compact and versatile midi sequencing. Superficially simple but can draw you in for hours.

‘KeyKit’ - https://github.com/nosuchtim/keykit - this music making environment has a few similarities to Pure Data and some of the modular systems people have made with it. Lots of ways to generate sequences, mix them up, filter them and so on.

and a bit more lightweight but fun…
‘Nanoloop’ - made for the gameboy and now available as an iOS app. Neat square grid sequencing and chip tune synths.

A few other systems for networked music:


this looks like it could be really interesting - shared live patching over the internet! - but unfortunately their server is currently down - it can still be tested out…

laptop orchestra stuff:

over the internet >
L2Ork tweeter

(I gave this a try and it seemed a bit limited but I’m sure it could produce some interesting results)

Quintet (max)

local network?
BOEUF (pd)


get in touch if you want to try any of these out with someone…

I can’t work out how to edit my last post so…
Update: Kiwi (https://github.com/Musicoll/Kiwi) is up and running properly again! Anyone want to try it?

I know who is doing the L2ork tweeter, my old professor Ico Bukvic, who made pd-l2ork, and who is talking in the video. I work with Ico.

Something I’ve just discovered is Openmusic, a lisp-based audio programming language. It looks interesting…

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