Netpd tips & tricks

Just thought I’d share a couple of little tricks I worked out recently…

It’s not possible to set alternative tunings in netpd at the moment but I worked out that unstep can send some funny tunings if you manually enter a small amount into the octave or semitone boxes e.g. 0.25. - You won’t see the number as it rounds it off for the GUI but it is set and is shared with other users. You can also change the value with the mouse while holding down shift to change the value in small values (again it is not visible). This works well with ‘sine’ as you can set different values for each of the three unsteps. The value is sent to set an initial note pitch so it is not quite right for a pitchbend effect.

The other tip is - latch your latch effects! if you use the two different kinds of latch (latch2 and latch3) you can modulate the timings for each of them by using the other type of latch. so the latched actions needn’t stick to a repetitive looped behaviour.