LFO for netpd (idea)

I was wondering if there could be way to have modulation for netpd like LFOs
I know latch can do automation but it has to be done by recording the movement which doesn’t have the accuracy and control of LFO modulation.

It can be its own instrument like latch that you load up in unpatch (haha that rhymed) and depending on the cpu usage we can have x amount of LFOs, each having its own shape, rate, depth and target min and target max value.

What do you guys think?

I think this would be cool too. I have been using ‘latch’ for LFO purposes and I found that you could go into the latch2 patch and redraw the table/array (don’t know if that is transmitted to other users though) but there is a timedelta table that affects it that is harder to make sense of.

The dynamic aspect of latch - pointing to a parameter and it becoming the target - is really great and it is something that should be integrated more into netpd as it reflects the ‘anything modifying anything else’ that is so good in pd.

Anyway, the big questions… if enough people want this, how do we go about making it? Does someone want to adopt the project and we all give our feedback and test it? Should we make a version each and combine what works? Is there somewhere we could keep a shared patch that each person could contribute to?

I think this is a very good idea. Like you said, depa, I’d implement it as its own instrument, quite similar to latch3, but instead or playing a recording, it would emit control messages according to given parameters. Assignment would be dynamic like in latch3.

I think this could be implemented in reasonable time. Maybe my next contribution to netpd will by a prototype of this.

In the meantime Windows users can use the following excellent software to generate not only LFO’s but to convert their QWERTY keyboard to a MIDI keyboard. I have the paid version and cannot recommend it enough although only the LFO’s could be used with netpd because it only accomnodates continuous controllers for now.


To use it with netpd you will need to ask @rdz (it is like using any other MIDI controller in netpd - @depa you could just modify your netpd Korg Nanokontrol interface).

@sqgl this software you mentioned i have no clue how to make it work. i fucked around with it and found how to make lfos but no way to apply it to netpp.

I have no idea about that particular software, but to generalise a bit, if you can get software or hardware that sends out MIDI CC data (as envelopes, LFOs or whatever) then netpd can pick it up with pcr-30 https://www.netpd.org/Pcr30
That can then be mapped to any parameter of a netpd instrument - then I guess the best way to implement a sort of LFO would be to set a ‘latch’ recording the input for a bar or so - I should think this would be better than just keeping the CC data coming in, as it would involve less continuous data to sync over the connection.

(also - on a related subject - I was interested to learn that the ‘latch3’ can record two-dimensional data changes - i.e. changes to arrays or the parameters across the bottom of unstep)(although it doesn’t work with pcr-30!)

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Just tried my own suggestion with the ‘latch’ tools but it doesn’t actually work for recording movements controlled by CC, only movements made with the cursor… Any other ideas, anyone?

@beem, i dont know what you are saying or trying to achieve, dont you think these threads can be a good place if we talked about our tips that have 2 way benefits. i’m sure people agree with this.

for instance i recently understood netpd is very organic and replies back to the way we feel inside. love to know how it does that if someone can explain to me.

Sorry @depa for not noticing your question months ago

I don’t think the MIDI CC data is sent to the network like @beem says . There is no need to. It controls an instrument’s parameters and that is what is transmitted over the network just as if you were doing so with a mouse.

@rdz can you please correct us?

I have my own version of PCR-30 for my set of three Korg Nanokontrol and Depa has his version for his Nanokontrol.

Actually, the control messages that are received by PCR-30 and converted to netpd messages are then broadcast by netpd. So all the clients receive those messages. It wouldn’t make sense otherwise. I don’t see why you can’t record control messages from PCR-30 with latch3. From what I see by reading the code, I think it should work, but then I don’t have any MIDI gear right now to test this assertion. I’ll check that.

On a related note: I noticed that PCR-30 (or any of the MIDI-to-netpd converters) send to both, broadcast and local. I believe I did it this way so that netpd GUI widget (slider) reflects the incoming changes. However, with larger network latencies that might give funny results with values jumping around wildly. I might need to look further into this.