Channel Renaming on Mx

Wouldn’t it be great if there was rename feature for channels on Mx?
Is this possible?

How would you use that? I can see that maybe being able to give a name to aux channels might make things a bit clearer.
I was thinking that something that could be useful would be a simple shared notepad type of thing - that could be used to say what was going on, agree on an idea for a piece, etc. All this stuff goes into the chat but gets lost and isn’t available for the new people that join.

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1.renaming to tidy things up. maybe you work in another way, but i get confused with all these default names. it depends on the jam too.
2.text font is very small on the channels. its kinda rude actually.

yeah, i can see that could be useful. perhaps it could be adding a label rather than changing it though, for those who find their way with the default names.

and it’s true, the fonts and the boxes are microscopically small there and lots of places elsewhere in netpd - i guess it’s a hangover from the days of cramming stuff in for smaller monitors. i’d like to have everything a bit bigger to spare my poor old eyes.

@rdz actually already increased the font size when I complained about a year or two ago, believe it or not. I suppose it isn’t enough. The problem is that it is based on number of pixels rather than millimetres. netpd was developed with lower resolution screens so the fonts originally looked bigger than what we are seeing nowadays.

A pity there is no possibilty of popups on hover.