Bon-plucker weird

had some very nasty amplitude explosions using bon-plucker. Can not point to why. Freaky though!

Yes, I sometimes get the same thing (ow) - as I understand it, it’s when it gets a few high notes. With these sort of physical models I think it’s a self-oscillating feedback problem. Perhaps it could be fixed with a scaling of the note volume relative to the midi note/frequency.

(To make things clear on the forum I wonder if we should have a thread for each instrument with their respective problems and maybe also tips on how to use them and so on. Or a thread just dedicated to these kind of glitches…)

these things scare me.
it hints to us that we’re living in the matrix.

the sweet topic of glitches… i keep coming back
i think if they occurred in reality it would be more handleable. has anyone seen the matrix movie?

I have neither noticed this bon-plucker glitch nor seen any black cats reappear.

Perhaps see if you can reproduce the problem using latch. That way you can share the set with @rdz so that he can debug.