BIOS ('bytebeat' noise/texture/melody generator)

hi, here is a new instrument I’m working on based on Boran Robert’s mysterious ‘0xB105FOOD’ patch ( ). It feeds a few different numbers into an ‘expr~’ expression object and as it evaluates them it spews out all sorts of interesting textures, tape loading/modem sounds, screeches, weird arpeggios, etc…

I have given it a very abstract minimal interface (someone who understands how these expr~ things work might want to do a version that makes more sense) and there is no unstep or qseq. Some nice effects can be achieved with ‘latch’ manipulation though.

Top button is a randomiser, the toggle below is on/off, and the one below that refires the expression evaluation (I think)…

The volume can be pretty erratic so be careful!

Please let me know if it works and all feedback is welcome…

Updated version with a highpass filter to get rid of horrible DC offset problem

Bios is pretty cool, albeit dopey. :smiley:

Stupid question: How do I get to play bios? Can’t figure out how to make it sound.

Try clicking the buttons on the top right - middle is on/off, bottom is restart (in case it stops, which it does sometimes), top is randomise the sliders.
I guess it also needs the mx mixer to have an output.

I tried putting it in instruments but would not open on unpatch…

If it’s in the ‘instruments’ folder and you browse to it through unpatch, or just type bios in there then it should work - it worked the other day when I added it to the session, right? (and in fact it would have been added to your instrument folder then I suppose)

I’m afraid I don’t know what’s going wrong otherwise. Any error messages in PD? Can anyone else try it and let me know if it works for them?

AAh yes it works. I was on another machine than at our last night jam.
Now I got it in the folder and it swings full bore. Thank you for your online help beem!

@beem Are you OK with me bundling it with the netpd distribution?

Sure, that would be great! I think i need to add a few improvements in the future but I guess it can be updated.