Any tutorials available?

Hello, I’m new to netpd, but my knowledge of Pure Data is good.

This implementation is gold to me, thanks to the builders.

I need to create a new PD patch and use it with students.

  1. Can I generate a server in another host? How?
  2. Does anyone have a sample model for a patch? Meaning basic objects that it should have, etc.


Hi Patricio,

I started to write out a rough guide to making your own patches for netpd here: (anyone who wants to can add to this)

" ‘unpatch’ lets you create a new instrument template from scratch. Just type this into unpatch’s symbol box: /new yournewinstrument (replacing ‘yournewinstrument’ with the name you want to give your instrument) It’ll create a new instrument with the boilerplate already set up. It might give you an idea about how to go on about cooking your own. You can also look into existing instruments through menu “Window” -> “Parent Window”. For a simple example, check sine ."

I’m not so sure about the server side of things as I’ve only ever used the default netpd server… I know that the pd files for it are here:

Let me know if I can be of any more help - it would be great if some students got involved with the project and made some new sequencers, instruments, etc!


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Thank you.

It is possible to build a patch that cand send audio, and OSC messages? I’m thinking in a teacher that needs to hear the student and, simultaneously, send OSC to MuseScore or Reaper. The patch in Pure Data is fairly simple, I just need to adapt it with the template that you mention.
What do you think?

The server documentation is very good, thank you.

Have a look at the ‘evil’ instrument for streaming live audio. I think you can achieve what you are talking about if you adapt a few existing elements.

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